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SPB and SPC Sections Wedge Belts

SPB and SPC Sections Wedge Belts

V Belts to API 1B, RMA IP 20, DIN 7753, ISO4184 & BS 3790
Section Dimensions W x H (mm) Min. pulley dia. PCD (mm) Std. belt lengths (mm)
SPB 16.3 x 13 100 1250 – 8500
SPC 22 x 18 200 2000 – 12500
SPB Section
CONTI-V® V-flex®
Belt Code = Belt section, Pitch length (Lp) in mm Belt Code = Belt section, Pitch length (Lp) in mm, VFLEX
SPB1250 SPB2275 SPB3750 SPB1250 SPB2275 SPB3750
SPB1260 SPB2280 SPB3800 SPB1260 SPB2280 SPB3800
SPB1320 SPB2300 SPB3870 SPB1320 SPB2300 SPB3870
SPB1340 SPB2350 SPB4000 SPB1340 SPB2350 SPB4000
SPB1400 SPB2360 SPB4060 SPB1400 SPB2360 SPB4060
SPB1410 SPB2400 SPB4120 SPB1410 SPB2400 SPB4120
SPB1500 SPB2410 SPB4250 SPB1500 SPB2410 SPB4250
SPB1510 SPB2430 SPB4310 SPB1510 SPB2430 SPB4310
SPB1550 SPB2500 SPB4370 SPB1550 SPB2500 SPB4370
SPB1590 SPB2530 SPB4500 SPB1590 SPB2530 SPB4500
SPB1600 SPB2580 SPB4560 SPB1600 SPB2580 SPB4560
SPB1650 SPB2650 SPB4750 SPB1650 SPB2650 SPB4750
SPB1690 SPB2680 SPB4820 SPB1690 SPB2680 SPB4820
SPB1700 SPB2720 SPB5000 SPB1700 SPB2720 SPB5000
SPB1750 SPB2800 SPB5070 SPB1750 SPB2800 SPB5070
SPB1800 SPB2840 SPB5300 SPB1800 SPB2840 SPB5300
SPB1850 SPB2900 SPB5500 SPB1850 SPB2900 SPB5380
SPB1900 SPB2990 SPB5600 SPB1900 SPB2990 SPB5600
SPB1950 SPB3000 SPB5680 SPB1950 SPB3000 SPB5680
SPB2000 SPB3150 SPB6000 SPB2000 SPB3150 SPB6000
SPB2020 SPB3170 SPB6300 SPB2020 SPB3170 SPB6300
SPB2060 SPB3250 SPB6700 SPB2060 SPB3250 SPB6700
SPB2120 SPB3350 SPB7100 SPB2120 SPB3350 SPB7100
SPB2150 SPB3450 SPB7500 SPB2150 SPB3450 SPB7500
SPB2180 SPB3550 SPB8000 SPB2180 SPB3550 SPB8000
SPB2240 SPB3650 SPB8500 SPB2240 SPB3650
SPC Section
CONTI-V® V-flex®
Belt Code = Belt section, Pitch length (Lp) in mm Belt Code = Belt section, Pitch length (Lp) in mm, VFLEX
SPC2000 SPC3620 SPC6300 SPC2000 SPC3550 SPC6300
SPC2120 SPC3750 SPC6700 SPC2120 SPC3750 SPC6700
SPC2240 SPC4000 SPC7100 SPC2240 SPC4000 SPC7100
SPC2360 SPC4100 SPC7500 SPC2360 SPC4100 SPC7500
SPC2500 SPC4250 SPC8000 SPC2500 SPC4250 SPC8000
SPC2650 SPC4500 SPC8500 SPC2650 SPC4500 SPC8500
SPC2800 SPC4750 SPC9000 SPC2800 SPC4750 SPC9000
SPC3000 SPC5000 SPC9500 SPC3000 SPC5000 SPC9500
SPC3150 SPC5300 SPC10000 SPC3150 SPC5300 SPC10000
SPC3350 SPC5600 SPC1180 SPC3350 SPC5600 SPC11200
SPC3500 SPC6000 SPC1250 SPC3500 SPC6000 SPC12500

 Items highlighted are preferred sizes available from stock

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