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NEW BRECOmove and BRECOFLEXmove AT15 Belts

NEW BRECOmove and BRECOFLEXmove AT15 Belts

Ten years ago, BRECO launched two optimised products in 15 mm pitch,  BRECOFLEX and BRECO-ATS15.

In comparison to the AT20, the ATS15 timing belts have a lower polygon effect, due to the pitch, and a higher number of meshing teeth; with an almost 30% increased tooth shear strength. So industry has these two excellent products, but the only thing missing is absolute stiffness.

Now the BRECOFLEXmove timing belt , AT15 and BRECOmove timing belt , AT15 offer this missing property. The BRECOmove timing belt
AT15 is available now.

In addition to the familiar high tooth shear strength of the ATS15, the tension members used in the AT15move permit an approx. 40% higher belt stiffness, with a comparatively low minimum number of teeth, and a smaller diameter (with and without contraflexure). The AT15move timing belts are much stiffer than the ATS15, AT20 and ATL20 timing belts of the same width.

To learn more ask your TransDev sales contact.

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