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Quality & Commitment

At TransDev we realise that Quality runs through the entire business, not just our products.

We have continually invested in the right people to provide superior market knowledge and customer service. Our supply chain partners, from manufacturers to logistics and information technology are carefully chosen to fit our commitment to Quality.

We always welcome feedback from our customers on products, deliveries and service.

Quality Policy Statement

It is the policy of Transmission Developments Company (G.B.) Limited to manufacture, modify and distribute power transmission, conveying and motion products, which comply with the customers’ requirements in all aspects.

This policy is rooted in the strategic focus of the company, in so much as it supports and enables us to grow and develop, whilst maintaining quality as a central pillar.

To maintain the highest quality standards of our products and services, we develop close partnerships with our customer and suppliers.

The responsibility for quality lies with everyone in the company, and it is up to each and every person to ensure that his or her obligations to meet the customers’ requirements are complete. We will always strive to understand our customers’ requirements by placing their satisfaction at the centre of our activities.

Through our total commitment to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, we will continue to establish procedures and effective flows of information to fully realise the potential of each and every member of the workforce.


We continually monitor our processes to help us exceed customer expectations; this includes in-process and full final inspection. We also invest in training and technology, such as automated Kardex storage and retrieval machines which deliver excellent picking accuracy.

Quality Assured Since 1965

TransDev has been quality assured since 1965. This is backed up by our ISO 9001: 2015 certification. ISO 9001 certificate is available to download hereCertificates of Conformity are also available on request.


Many products are batch traceable and can be supplied in accordance with REACH, RoHs and WEEE. Full material certification is also available on many items upon request.

Goods Labelling

Goods can be labelled with customers part and order numbers  if required. Please speak to your TransDev Sales contact for details and pricing.


We have an excellent reputation for the quality of our packaging and the accurate fulfilment of kitted products.

For further information please contact our Quality Assurance Team on +44 (0)1202 675555 or email .

To provide feedback on our products, deliveries or any other aspects of our service please contact us.

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