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We have strong relationships with OEMs, maintenance and repair organisations and the trade. Our products are recognised global brands and are trusted for their quality, performance and robustness in the most demanding of industrial applications.

News / Case Studies

Advance V-Belt for Higher Productivity & Falling Operating Costs

Conti-V Advance V-Belt for High Performance Wrapped narrow-section Advance V-belts ideal for high-performance applications Increase ...
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Success in civil engineering with slip liners and timing belts

BRECOFLEX® BATK for Slip Liners Plastic slip liner pipe with UV lights. Photo: Brandenburger Sewers ...
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‘The Beast’ Range Catalogue has Arrived!

Our new desktop sized Range Catalogue is smaller than A4 making it easier to store ...
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ContiTech Timing Belts Optimizing Pump Technology

Pumps with a belt drive are opening up new performance and application fields Belts enable ...
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Relax with BRECO® Open Ended Belting For Accurate Motion Control

TransDev are highlighting the versatility of BRECO® Polyurethane linear drive belts for accurate, motion control and power ...
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BRECO®-V Endless Timing Belts – Innovation made to measure

PA-Jakob Pressenautomation uses endless joined BRECO® timing belts as a universal means of transport in ...
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BRECO® ATS 15 Polyurethane Timing Belts Go 11 Metres Up

BRECO® ATS 15 polyurethane timing belts A s far as the eye can see: steel ...
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TransDev and IKO are Cutting Edge

IKO Nippon Thompson, the linear and bearing specialists paid a visit to TransDev’s Poole operations ...
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Ski Production Line Gets a Lift

Since 1939, the Swiss company Montana has been supplying machines to ski service providers worldwide, ...
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