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Smaller local stock holdings and ‘just-in-time’ deliveries place even greater demands on picking and movement of goods. Automation of warehouses is just one key aspect. Having the right power transmission and conveying components is critical to ensuring profit margins and reputations are maintained in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.

TransDev has produced an Automated Warehouses brochure highlighting our vast range of components and their application areas within the warehouse environment. Take a look for yourself or contact us to learn more.

News / Case Studies

Two high-performance timing belts for demanding applications

Greater tensile forces transmitted by the tension member lead to higher stress in the root ...
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Relax with BRECO® Open Ended Belting For Accurate Motion Control

TransDev are highlighting the versatility of BRECO® Polyurethane linear drive belts for accurate, motion control and power ...
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PU flat belt as an alternative to steel ropes

Flat Belts for Lifting and Conveying Flat belt enables compact drives Lasts up to three ...
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Synchrodrive Belt for the Rack Feeders of the Future

With the Synchrodrive HTD 20M belt even higher pallet weights, greater accelerations, and lifting heights ...
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ContiTech offers belt solutions for the drives of roller conveyors

Roller Conveyor Drive Belts Reliable power transmission even at high loads Belts are suitable for ...
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BRECO® ATS 15 Polyurethane Timing Belts Go 11 Metres Up

BRECO® ATS 15 polyurethane timing belts A s far as the eye can see: steel ...
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