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TransDev has a large stock holding of standard power transmission components. Our pulley and belt stocks are one of the largest in the UK, with next day deliveries and nearly 100% picking accuracy. In addition, our manufacturing and special belts facilities provide custom options unavailable at many other suppliers. Combine that with rapid turnaround times and you have the perfect partner to help you maintain your critical equipment and avoid costly downtime.

News / Case Studies

What makes model buggies indestructible? SYNCHROFLEX

To test the market for complete conversion kits from toothed gearing to timing belt gearing, ...
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Success in civil engineering with slip liners and timing belts

BRECOFLEX® BATK for Slip Liners Plastic slip liner pipe with UV lights. Photo: Brandenburger Sewers ...
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Relax with BRECO® Open Ended Belting For Accurate Motion Control

TransDev are highlighting the versatility of BRECO® Polyurethane linear drive belts for accurate, motion control and power ...
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Garden Belts are the Gardener’s Best Friend

CONTI -V® ROFLEX and the TransDev Vflex range of Lawn & Garden belts offer quiet performance as ...
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TransDev and IKO are Cutting Edge

IKO Nippon Thompson, the linear and bearing specialists paid a visit to TransDev’s Poole operations ...
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Ski Production Line Gets a Lift

Since 1939, the Swiss company Montana has been supplying machines to ski service providers worldwide, ...
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