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High Precision Ball Bearings – MACHLINE

High Precision Ball Bearings – MACHLINE

MACHLINE High Precision Ball Bearings are mainly selected for constructions requiring reduced radial dimensions, maximum rigidity and load capacity. They have little resistance for axial forces (except Thrust and Combined bearings). SNR High Precision bearings meet the most stringent needs.

They also permit machining time savings as well as maintenance cost savings. Their good load capacity and low heating feature contribute to a longer service life.

MACHLINE® by SNR – High precision bearings for machine-tool spindles

Precision, stiffness, high speeds

MACHLINE: Standard

71900V and 7000V series:

  • An ideal compromise between performance in terms of speed, rigidity, capacity and precision

7200G1 series:

  • Specially designed for applications with predominantly high axial loads
  • Variants depending on contact angle: C for 15°, H for 25°
  • Variants depending on preload: light, medium, high
  • Hybrid versions available as option (ceramic ball)


Designed and developed to meet the toughest requirements for high-speed applications; 30% extra speed thanks to:

  • An optimised geometry
  • A reduced ball diameter
  • An increased number of balls
  • Optimised guidance of the cage on the outer ring
  • Hybrid versions available as option (ceramic ball)


Nitrile seals fixed on the outer ring, with no contact with the inner ring. Can be used to maintain the same maximum speed as with an open bearing. Lubricated with grease.

  • Hybrid versions available as option (ceramic ball)

Self-locking Precision Nuts

Indispensable for all assemblies of precision bearings, especially when the preload and long-term reliability of an assembly must be guaranteed, or if high axial forces exist.

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