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Radial Ball Bearings

Radial Ball Bearings

The basic bearing of excellence, the ball bearing is designed to accept radial and/or axial loads according to internal design.

Standard Ranges

Sheet, solid or reinforced polyamide cage depending on the series and dimensions.

Metric Range

  • 1 row: 6700, 6800, 6900,16000, 6000, 6200, 6300, 6400
    • Miniature range
    • Large bearings: bore ≤ 1320 mm
  • 2 rows: 4200, 4300

Inch Range (R-)

  • Reduced (-C2) or enhanced (-C3, -C4, -C5)
    internal radial clearances
  • Increased precisions (-P6, -P5, -P4)

Ring Modifications

  • Presence of a groove on the outer ring with (-NR) or without a snap ring (-N)
  • Tapered bore (-K), spherical outer diameter (-S)
  • Other materials
    • Case hardened steel (E-)
    • Stainless steel (SEE STAINLESS STEEL RANGE*)
    • Special steel with special heat treatment for long lifetime (TMB-, TAB-)
  • Stabilisation for higher-than-standard operating temperatures (TS1 / TS2 / TS3 / TSX)

Specific Ranges

Developed for tough environments.

Expansion Compensating Bearings

  • EC: if a tight adjustment on the outer ring (rotating loads on the outer ring) is impossible or a risk of ring rotation exists.
  • AC: similar concept to EC- range, the anti-rotation function is provided by two O- rings

* Stainless Steel Range (S- by SNR, F- by NTN): to prevent corrosion (maritime environments, food, etc.)


Standard dimensions for specific applications

Specific restrictions Characteristics Suffixes
High temperatures +150°C -FT150
High temperatures +200°C -HT200
High temperatures +350°C -F600
Low temperatures -60°C -LT
High speeds Up to 700 000 NDm -HV

EMTR Range:

low noise quality level with optimised design, especially for electrical motors


bearings with electrical insulation- mainly for applications with electrical motors and generators

CLEAN Range:

for environments with an extreme vacuum (semi-conductors, aeronautics, etc.)

Possible Cage Variants (suffixes)

Type of cage NTN SNR
Brass -L1 -M
Solid steel -F1
Riveted steel -JR
Reinforced polyamide fibre glass -T2 -G15


Type Characteristics Suffixes
Shield Metal -Z / -ZZ
Seal Standard contact -LU / -LLU (NTN); -E / -EE (SNR)
Seal Non-contact (labyrinth effect) -LB / -LLB
Seal Low torque contact with pressure balancing system -LH / -LLH
Seal Standard contact for high temperatures (+150°C) -LUA / -LLUA
Seal Standard contact for very high temperatures (+200°C) -LUA1 / -LLUA1
Seal Standard contact for extreme temperatures
(from -100°C to +200°C)
-LUA2 / -LLUA2

Bearing Number Example

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