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Services & Support

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Services & Support

Sales Engineers

TransDev has expert Engineers near you. In the UK and Ireland our Regional Sales Engineers can visit your premises to learn about your business, as well as provide a first point of contact over the phone or via email.
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TransDev Direct

If you are a Distributor or Trade customer TransDev Direct will soon be your first port of call. We already support 100’s of trade customers but will soon add a dedicated website portal to our expert Sales team!
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As well as stocking one of the largest range of standard products, TransDev also manufacture a range of pulleys, gears and hardware. As well as gear cutting we are the largest pulley manufacturer in the UK!
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Supply chain solutions, such as Kitting, help our customers to maintain efficiency and minimise wastage. This value add service is tailored to meet your requirements and is fully backed by our quality control systems.
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Special Belts

State of the art equipment has enabled TransDev to manufacture some of the most complex belts ever made, many within microns of pitch accuracy. Backings, flights, profiles and customisation of belts are all undertaken for a wide range of industries.
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Technical Support

Over 50 years in power transmission and conveying has enabled TransDev to build up a wealth of technical knowledge. We can bring all this to bear on your projects and solutions.
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View and download brochures, technical documentation and white papers from our single Knowledge Base. If you require further information then please just get in touch with our expert technical team.
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Injection Moulding

An injection moulding service perfectly matched to your requirements. As well as injection moulding a range of pulleys, gears and belt profiles, TransDev moulds products for a wide range of industries.
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