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Parts Kitting

TransDev’s parts kitting service is used to supply complex, multi-level kits of parts for our OEM customers.

Computer controlled systems ensure all components and assemblies involved in a kit are purchased, manufactured and kitted together in accordance with the customer’s specification. Our stringent quality system ensures the kits are produced correctly and in accordance with the customer’s specification at every stage of the process, which is quality controlled to ensure 100% conformance.

The advantages of parts kitting are significant:

  • Reduce purchasing time with only one part number required for orders
  • Goods are despatched faster as just one line is required to be booked in
  • Reduce the number of overall suppliers being managed
  • Improve productivity as a result of avoiding time wasted looking for individual components
  • Less part numbers also results in less invoices!

If you have a kitting requirement or query please ask your TransDev Sales contact for further information.

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