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Universal Tensioner Series TE-FB

Universal Tensioner Series TE-FB

RESATEC® Universal Tensioners Type TE -FB are used throughout mechanical engineering and allied industries, where access to the rear of the tensioner mounting surface is not possible.

Mainly used as belt and chain tensioners, they are simply fitted by a single through unit bolt and hold in any position by friction. A base flange cutout allows them to be accurately aligned using a simple spigot. They can be supplied with a Lead and Cadmium freepowder-coated finish.

RESATEC®TE -FB tensioners are safe in operation and maintenance-free.

Type A B K I R S T Weight(kg)
TE3-FB 100 63 10 5 10 13 M6 0.460
TE4-FB 100 78 12 6 13 17 M8 0.650
TE5-FB 130 108 15 8 15 17 M10 1.750
TE6-FB 175 145 15 10 17 15 M12 3.900
TE7-FB 220 198 18 12 23 34 M16 6.800
TE8-FB 250 212 20 20 28 38 M20 9.300
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