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Inset Parts and Screw Types (Plastic)

Inset Parts and Screw Types (Plastic)

Polyurethane, Steel reinforced, extruded open length & joined, classic imperial pitch with trapezoidal tooth form.

Screw connection with black polyamide inset part.
Polyamide inset parts EJOT Delta PT® screw

BRECO provides plastic, brass and VA steel inset parts and the respective screw types to fasten the profiles on the timing belts.

Belt Type Screw type Screw Length L D H
ATN10 / ATN12.7
/ATN10K6 /
Z40x8 8 (mm) 7.0 3.1
Z40x12 12 (mm) 7.0 3.1
Z40x16 16 (mm) 7.0 3.1
ATN20 / ATNS20 Z50x12 12(mm) 8.8 3.5
Z50x16 16 (mm) 8.8 3.5
Z50x20 20 (mm) 8.8 3.5

Screw types:

EJOT Delta PT® screw made of tempering steel according to EJOT® WN 5461 part 2, with mushroom head and cross recess Z according to EJOT® WN 5411.

Note: For a high reliability of the screwed connection, BRECO recommends the exclusive application of original EJOT Delta PT® screws according to the above mentioned specification. These screw types were especially designed for thermoplastic components and provide the required safety and reliability during mounting and use, both under static and dynamic load. All screws have a head with Z cross recess in size 2.

Attention: The Delta PT® screws have no metrical ISO coarse-pitch thread according to DIN 13, thus, they are only suitable for plastic inset parts.

Recommended maximum screw-in torques for the connection
Flight Material
Inset part Belt type Polyamide Metal
Plastic ATN10 / 12.7 70 (Ncm) 70 (Ncm)
ATN20 100(Ncm) 100(Ncm)

Ordering example:

Inset parts made of polyamide:
ET-PA-ATN10 /12.7 or ET-PA-ATN20
Inset parts made of polyamide for ATN timing belts with the
pitch 10 and 12.7 in design “DC”: ET-PA-ATN10 / 12.7 DC

Ordering example:

JOT Delta PT® screw: ATN10 /12.7 screws Z40x8

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