ATN10-K6 BRECO® Transport

ATN10-K6 BRECO® Transport

Polyurethane, Steel reinforced, open length & joined – High Power AT Profile in metric pitch with trapezoidal toothform.

aATN10-K6 DC Measurements within drawing are increased by 0.9mm where indicated

BRECO® timing belts ATN10-K6

  • Polyurethane, steel reinforced, modular flight system belting
  • High Power AT Profile in metric pitch with trapezoidal toothform
  • ATN belting is extruded on a form wheel with insert holes on every tooth spacing.

Available types for ATN10-K6:

  • Single sided
  • Nylon tooth facing (PAZ)
  • Nylon back facing (PAR)
  • Nylon both sides (PAZ/PAR)
  • Special polyurethanes upon request (see below)
  • Antistatic, coloured belts
  • Mechanical joint

Allowable tensile load by belt width

BRECO ATN10-K6 /ATN10-K6 DC (M/V) Tension cord strengths F/Specific elasticities/Belts weights
Belt width b (mm) 50 75 100
(M) Steel cord tension member F (N) 6000 9000 12000
(V) Steel cord tension member F (N) 2000 3000 4000
Belt weight ATN10-K6 (kg/m) 0,245 0,367 0,490
Belt weight ATN10-K6 DC (kg/m) weight without inserts, screws or profiles 0,305 0,457 0,610
Belt width 50 75 100
No. of insert holes per tooth 2 3 4
Insert hole pitch spacing 25 25 25
V Guide position Symmetrical Asymmetrical
Minimum belt length 880mm
ATN10-K6/ATN10-K6 DC (M/V) Available lengths and versions
Standard delivery lengths (M) Rolls of 50 or 100m
Cut to lengths/lengths > 110m On request
Endless Joined, minimum lenght (V) 880mm
Standard material TPUST 1
Steel cord tension member (standard) x
VA tension member o
PAZ(white) x
PAR(green) x
PAZ-PAR (white/green) x

Drive Type A

Type A ATN10-K6
Zmin 25
dmin 80

Zmin = Minimum number of teeth.
dmin= Minimum diameter (mm)

Applications Standard use Flexible at low temperatures Contact with food stuffs
Properties -25 to +5°C FDA approved
Material Plastic Brass Stainless Steel
Type Nylon MS 58 F 36 To DIN 7500
Application Small loads
Low dynamic loads
Medium and high loads
Low temperature
Higher dynamic loads
Medium and high loads
Normal temperature
Higher dynamic loads
Corrosion resistance

X Available, O Minimum purchase amount on request, * With Stainless Steel tension members, ** On request, minimum quantities may apply.