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Timing Belts Additional Options

Timing Belts Additional Options

Available options in BRECOFLEX® truly endless, BRECO® M Open length BRECO® V joined belts.

PAZ Low friction green fabric tooth covering, (quiet running)
PAR Low friction green fabric back covering, (Accumulating conveyor)
KEV Aramid tension cords, (Non-magetic or food use) not all sizes
ST ST Stainless Steel tension cords, – (Food or under water use)
DL Double sided belt, (for serpentine drives) T 1/2 only
T Thicker Polyurethane (PU) backing, 85 shore A, T 1/2 only
DR Thicker PU backing, 92 Shore A Hardness, T 1/2 only
FD1 Food or medical grade PU, (Use Aramid or stainless cords)
KF1 Low operating temperature PU -25°C to+5°C
WB1 High operating temperature PU +20°C TO 110°C
AS1 Antistatic PU
UV Higher resistance PU to Ultra Violet (UV) light

  • Other options may be available on request
  • Some options can be combined, please ask
  • Minimum order quantities may apply
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