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Belt Design Software

Belt Design Software

The Mulco belt pilot, our product catalogue with CAD download and calculation program, enables you to configure your personal design solutions online and download CAD models free of charge. Determine the number of teeth, plan the width of the belts or calculate the diameter of the pulleys – with our extensive range of products and versatile calculation options, you will find a suitable solution for your polyurethane timing belt drive.

To use the Mulco belt pilot free of charge, all you have to do is register;

Select a timing belt

You can call up all the product information that you need for the configuration of your timing belt drive in the online product catalogue. Select the desired power transmission, linear drive or conveyor technology solution. Using the dimensions and other specifications you will quickly find a suitable timing belt.

Download a CAD model

Select your product from the categories “High-performance profiles”, “Linear drive technology”, “Transport technology” or “Components” and click on the CAD symbol to download. Our powerful CAD tool permits 2D and 3D imaging from different perspectives and allows the drawing models to be imported into your own CAD system.

Calculate your timing belt drive configurations

Mulco belt pilot helps you correctly configure all the drive elements right from the start. Click on the button “Calculate”, log in and configure your drive. You can arrange, move, copy and insert pulleys and tensioning elements. Our calculation tool is suitable for multiple shaft power transmissions, open or enclosed lifting drives, linear trolleys and linear slides.

Request a quotation

Requesting a quotation only takes a few steps. Place the timing belts and accessory parts into the enquiry basket by clicking on the basket symbol. It is not necessary to enter the technical data using the keyboard. Click on the button “Send enquiry” to submit your enquiry basket.

Request technical support

You can contact TransDev using the “Support” link. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the configuration of your timing belt drive or cannot find a suitable design version. Our advice: Send us your saved calculation file (if applicable) as an attachment.


Selecting the right drive components in the right size is as important as having a heavy-duty drive belt. Over and undersized drives are inefficient and not as durable.

The NEW CONTI® PROFESSIONAL software package replaces the popular CONTI® SUITE and enables specialists in trade and industry to determine the optimum ContiTech drive belt design. Conti Professional was launched in 2016. It is a web-based application that can be accessed via a browser. Users do not need to install it on their own computers and manage updates – as was the case with the earlier Conti Suite software.

The software‘s parameter-smart functional algorithm always ensures the greatest possible belt selection efficiency. ContiTech has developed the DRIVE ALIVE module for uncomplicated optimum design of drives involving more than two pulleys and tensioning systems. The multi-pulley module takes into account the load of a belt operating with multiple pulleys.

With the software it is possible to infinitely modify and adapt certain drive parameters. In this way alternative solutions and requirements can be tested and checked out promptly. The software is logically structured and processes data input directly so that changes can be made directly in the drive system without the need for fresh calculations. The software covers all positive and non-positive elastomer drive components.

After a one-off registration, customers can make use of the full familiar functionality in the new software, too. Different functionalities, familiar from the Transmission Designer and Drive Alive elements of Conti Suite, are merged into one application. This makes it even easier and more efficient. Other advantages are that the required number of pulleys can be selected, ranging from 2 to 20, and, once designed, projects are stored in the software. This means users can access their stored data at any time.

The use of Conti Professional is free of charge and commercial customers can register for the new software by visiting;

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