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Belt Tension Meter

Belt Tension Meter

The TSM5 is a pocket size belt tension meter which measures the static tension of all common toothed, Vee, flat and multi-rib belts.

Setting the correct static tension (pretension Fpt) influences the working life, bearing loads, noise levels and positioning accuracy of the belt.


  • Frequency range: from 7Hz to 400Hz Accuracy: +/-5%
  • Supplied with long-life 9V alkaline battery, protective leatherette case and transport case with instructions
  • CE marked

The value Fpt can be determined by calculation where the peripheral force is known, or empirically where the torque value is unknown. Generally the ideal pretension level is that which gives least vibration of the unloaded belt span in operation.

The tension meter is designed to measure static tension of a belt by determining the natural frequency of vibration of the belt under tension.

Operating instructions

  • On a static drive, gently tap the belt between two fixed points using a finger or a small screwdriver
  • Simultaneously hold the sensor head a few millimetres from the belt and press the red button
  • The display will show the frequency of vibration in Hertz (H )
  • To repeat the reading, release the button and repeat the process
  • It is recommended that several readings are taken to obtain an average value in order to eliminate possible errors due to harmonic interference frequencies

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