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BRECO® Self Tracking Belts

BRECO® Self Tracking Belts

The combination of steel reinforced timing belts with moulded or welded V guides produces accurate, linear synchronous belts.They are unparalleled for:

  • Conveyors for indexing, transferring and positioning
  • Production lines for linear product processes
  • Automation of production processes
  • Mechanical handling and delivery systems (unaffected by side loads)
  • Truly linear and synchronous running
  • Constant belt tracking unaffected by side loads
  • Slipless, stable

News / Case Studies

New pitch for BAT / BATK curved tooth timing belts

BRECO and BRECOFLEX BATK and BAT curved tooth timing belts have proven their outstanding running characteristics time ...
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BRECOFLEX ATK timing belts flying high with new Airbus A380

The world’s largest passenger airliner, the Airbus A380, completed its maiden flight in April 2005 ...
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