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Polyurethane, steel reinforced, cast truly endless, standard T Profile to DIN 7721 in metric pitch with trapezoidal toothform.

CONTI SYNCHROFLEX® timing belt T20

Standard T profile to DIN 7721 with metric pitch and trapezoidal toothform.

Available versions:

  • Single-sided (as standard)
  • With E tension member for better flexibility
  • With Aramid tension member
  • Polyurethane special materials upon request
  • Antistatic, coloured, mechanical reworked
  • Backings
Belt widths (mm)
Intermediate belt widths on request
32 50 75 100 150
Standard stock lengths (mm)/Number of teeth
Length No. teeth Std.T20
1260 63
1460 73
1780 89
1880 94
2600 130
3100 155
3620 181

Preferred belt width in mm: 32,50,75,100 other dimesnsions upon request

Technical Specification

T20 – Allowable tensile load by belt width
Belt width B (mm) 32 50 75 100
Tension member
Fadm(N) 4750 7730 12000 16000
Belt weight kg/m 0.269 0.420 0.630 0.840

Drive Type A

Type A T5
Zmin 15
dmin 120

Drive Type B

Type B T5
Zmin 25
dmin 120

Zmin = Minimum number of teeth. dmin= Minimum diameter (mm)

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