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Self Tracking Belt Types

Self Tracking Belt Types

Self-tracking Belts come from the well known BRECO®, BRECOFLEX® TIMING BELT range. They are made with high tensile steel cord tension members. The standard version of the self-tracking timing belt is a combination of two materials:

  • Wear resistant polyurethane
  • High tensile steel cord tension members.

BAT10 and BAT15

  • Revolutionary new curved tooth design
  • Reduced noise due to overlapping tooth engagement
  • Same power transmission as an AT10 belt
  • Reduced polygonal effect
  • Reduced vibration

SFAT10, SFAT15 and SFAT20

  • No flanges required
  • Teeth on each side are displaced by half a tooth
  • Reduced polygonal effect
  • Reduced noise

TK and ATK

  • Used where large lateral forces are present
  • No flanges required
  • Same power transmission as T or AT

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